Lauralyn Hudgins

Lauralyn is married to David Hudgins and has two beautiful girls, Locklyn (9) and Ashtyn (7).  With both her children having attended WDA for years, Lauralyn has a great sense of the Crawfordville community and is excited to bring a much-needed afternoon program focused on fun and fitness to the families of this community.  

Kids InMotion is our new afternoon program for varied activities, fitness classes, and a safe space for your kids to bond with their friends. The focus is on fitness and fun!

Kids InMotion starts August 16 and runs Monday - Friday from 3:15 pm - 6:15 pm.

Kids InMotion is a brand new program made possible by the relocation to our much bigger, much better facility located at 2613 Crawfordville Hwy (in the Winn Dixie plaza).  Check out the following FAQs below.

This program provides:

  • Transportation from Crawfordville, Riversink and Shadeville Elementary schools.
  • 4000 sq. ft. activity area for kids to move and play.
  • Fun, varied, supervised exercise instruction.
  • Supervised time for your kids to hang out with their friends.
  • Central location for easy pickup by 6:15 p.m.

Register now! 

Limited spaces are available. You have the option to pick 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who is running the Kids InMotion Program?

WDA owner, Hayley Mahaffey, recruited her sister Lauralyn Hudgins to run the new Kids InMotion program.  Lauralyn joins WDA with a certification in youth fitness, a passion to enhance kids lives and with great experience in coaching and running camps for kids.  

Does my kid have to participate in the classes?  Our program encourages consistent physical activity which includes a fun, group fitness class each day. We require all children to participate at some level. We realize each child is unique and fitness levels vary, however, we hope to empower each student to try their best. Of course, if there is a special extenuating circumstance please let us know. We are happy to accommodate your child’s needs. 

What is the monthly cost? 
The cost is $275/month which includes private transportation to the studio, structured fitness class (45min), and supervised free time to play or do homework. The daily class centers around fitness and fun while focusing on coordination, flexibility, endurance, and strength.  InMotion customers also receive 50% off their first dance class. Please note that this 50% discount only applies to full-time InMotion students.

Is the program for boys and girls? Is this a dance class? 

This is a co-ed program that is not dance-oriented.  The focus of the class is to promote positive health and fitness habits and get the children InMotion. Cardio, strength, stretch, and stamina will be target goals.

Program Hours?
3:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Do we have to enroll for 5 days per week?  
No, we offer full-time enrollment but will also offer daily options subject to availability.

Can my child take a dance class during these hours? 
Yes, we encourage you to consider adding instructional classes.

Is there a discount for siblings? 
Due to the high demand and limitations on transportation logistics, it is not feasible for discounts at this time.

Do you have to sign up the whole year? Am I locked into a contract? 
No, you are able to cancel with 30 days' notice as we are on a pay-as-you-go model. If you do not cancel within 30 days then you are responsible for the following payment.

Do I have to pay even if my child is absent?
Yes, our monthly rate is a flat fee regardless of time missed for absences, illnesses, vacations, etc.

Will you be open on teacher inservice days and/or holiday breaks?  Camps will be provided separately from the typical InMotion afternoon program.  Camp details and specifics will be given out around the time of scheduled days off. 

Is there a late fee?  Yes. Details are TBD.

What days will we be closed?  Teacher planning days?  We will follow the school calendar but will offer some full-day camps on days when school is out of session.

Class observation? Classes are closed for observation at this time.

Is there a free trial? No, but we plan to make sure this program is awesome and loved by all. 

Do we provide snacks? Not at this time but please pack an extra snack for your child.

Do you offer tutoring? Individual tutoring will not be provided but there will be time where students may work on homework and may ask for assistance.

When are payments due? Payments are due on the first of every month.

Weather-related closures?  Notifications will be sent for safety or weather-related closures.

Dress code requirements? We ask that athletic wear be worn along with socks and sneakers.

Is the registration fee refundable? No

Are electronics allowed? No electronics are allowed. We will not be responsible for personal items. We ask that personal items be left at home or safely secured in personal bags. Please see the handbook for more details.

Do you have a lost and found? Yes, we will store items for a period of time and then they will be donated.