The Foundation for all forms of dance and emphasizes the development of technique, discipline, and coordination.  We recommend that all students take ballet to develop a strong foundation in all forms of dance.

Our Early Childhood Classes are designed to encourage imagination, gross and fine motor skills, rhythm, musicality and spatial awareness.   Props, instruments and costumes are often used to enhance the fundamental instruction.

2.5-3 years old - a 30 minute class introducing creative movement, baby ballet and tap steps.
3-4 years old - a 45 minute class introducing very basic ballet, tap and tumbling skills.
5-6 years old - a 60 or 90 minute combo class providing students with beginning training in ballet, jazz and lyrical or another combination of tap, hip hop.  Students can choose to take one combo or both.
7-9 years old - a 90 or 120 minute combo class providing students with elementary training in ballet, jazz and lyrical or another combination of tap and hip hop.  Students can choose to take one combo or both.

Our Pre-teen/Teen Classes are designed to offer Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Turns and Leaps, Clogging and Acro by combining traditional techniques with today's latest styles to give the student the most exciting, versatile, and extensive training available.

10 and Up - a 120 minute class offering students training in Ballet, Lyrical and Jazz.
10 and Up - a 60 minute class offering students training in Hip Hop.


*Family Discount* 

For families with 2 or more siblings taking dance, there is a $5.00 discount off each additional student’s monthly tuition.

Please fill out a drop or add form when discontinuing or adding a class.  No word of mouth adds or drops will be accepted.  If we do not have written notification of a dropped class then you will continue to be charged for that class.  If you move or wish to quit dance completely with our studio, you must submit your withdrawal in writing 30 days prior to your last class.



All costume fees are due by the October 12th.  Costumes vary in price.  If a costume is not paid for then it will not be ordered and your dancer will not participate in the recital.  No exceptions.


Please make checks payable to Wakulla Dance Academy.  Costumes that are not paid for in full by Oct 13th will not be ordered.  Costumes ordered after the due date are charged a $20 late fee per costume.  We will fit your dancer and order the appropriate size.

2017-18 Costume payments are due by October 12th, 2017 ​


costume fees

We offer a schedule of classes for children and teen encompassing a variety of dance styles and levels.  Whether the goal is to perform competitively or take lessons just for recreation, we have a program to meet your needs.

​Turns and Leaps

A stretching and conditioning class focused on improving turns, leaps and extensions by increasing flexibility, strength and agility.  Dancers work on turns and leaps in center and across the floor.  This is recommended for all dancers looking to improve faster.


​Hip Hop

Dance Styles


A style of dance that uses music and lyrics to express emotion and mood through movement.

Class Schedule

An up-beat and loud class that uses shoes to produce sounds, beats and rhythms from steps using different parts of the feet.

An up-tempo style class that incorporates technique pulled from ballet to execute kicks, turns, leaps and other movements.

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A progression class where the students develop flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and limbering skills needed to execute tumbling skills such as cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, aerials, back handsprings, etc.


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Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 6th.  Statements will be emailed monthly to the email address provided during registration.  Tuition covers the dance season of 36 weeks of classes over payments, September - June.  Students’ accounts must be paid in full and be in good standing 3 days prior to the dress rehearsal in order for your student to participate in the rehearsal and the recital. 

Late fees: Any late payments will result in a $10 late fee per month.
Returned checks: A $25 chargeback fee will be applied to any returned check.
Monthly tuition is not prorated according to how many weeks or holidays fall in a month. However, MAKEUP classes are available. Check with your teacher to find a comparable class or try something new.
Registration Fees, tuition and costume fees are Non-Refundable.


A fun and funky style of dance that is very popular.  Learn old school moves to the most recent.